🇬🇧 English Day Celebration 🇬🇧

Every year, on April 23rd  is celebrated the English Language Day, the date traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare, the famous poet and playwright.
The students of Al Jabr took part in the celebration and worked on different activities and projects related to the English language and culture planned to have fun and improve their oral skills.
Among the activities,  🎶 they sang famous songs like « New York, New York » by Frank Sinatra or « What a wonderful world » by Louis Armstrong 📖 they read stories to the little ones and they even performed a play « The Gruffalo »  🎭.
The dress code for the day was a British uniform or blue, red and white colors. 🍵They ended the day with a delicious tea time.
 🤩 It was a wonderful day !
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